Seeds of all Kinds

As we’ve journeyed through this Eastertide together, we’ve focused on what it is to BE resurrection people, not just recognizing that Jesus rose from the dead as a moment in time but celebrating and living in this new and glorious life we have because of Jesus. Jesus did what he did – feeding and healing and restoring people into community because he knows boldly and confidently who he is. Jesus knows that it is God’s will and desire that all people – you and me and us and them (yep, even them) – live into the fullness of life that God created us for.

This abundance of life is lived from the core of our being: the image of God in which we are all created and the unique person we each are, designed as an integral part of God’s purpose and plan for all creation. From this core we live into the fullness of life and we shine the light of God’s glory in the darkness so that others know they too are beloved children of God.

In the annual seasons of God’s plan, both in the natural world and as the church mirrors the rhythm of God’s story we continually rest, reflect, grow, and follow. We answer God’s call to sow seeds and to cultivate the soil of our soul so we can better receive seeds and bear the fruit of God.

Some seeds sprout easily. Do you remember as a child growing bean sprouts from beans laid between wet paper towels? Other seeds are more difficult. On a family trip to Hawaii I bought some native plant seeds to grow at home. As I opened the package and read the instructions, they were quite lengthy and detailed, involving sanding the seed coat, soaking it for a long time, and finally planting. I wondered how these plants could possibly grow in the wild unaided!1

I don’t think it is at all coincidental that Jesus uses so many agricultural metaphors in his teaching. Yes, he was in a much more agrarian society that we are in our time and place but even if the only seeds we saw grow were our kindergarten beans on paper towels, we know that a seed has to open up to let the sprout come through, however easy or difficult that process may be.

Sometimes our own growth is easy and quick like the beans and sometimes our growth needs a lot of help to even be able to sprout and begin to push through the darkness toward the life-giving light. And, when we experience new growth, the roots need to stay grounded and fed. The work we’ve done in our current season of Eastertide will continue to feed the growth we will see in the days, weeks, and months to come.

We are resurrection people and God’s beloved children, this day, this season, and always, growing from the changeless foundation of, and being continuously nourished with, God’s love.

1I learned that it is through various animal digestive systems that the prep work is done, but I’m not sure that is helpful to my illustration here.

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