Seeds of all Kinds

As we’ve journeyed through this Eastertide together, we’ve focused on what it is to BE resurrection people, not just recognizing that Jesus rose from the dead as a moment in time but celebrating and living in this new and glorious life we have because of Jesus. Jesus did what he did – feeding and healingContinue reading “Seeds of all Kinds”

The Shape of our Day

Good Tuesday, Y’all! How’s your coffee? I used to teach time management seminars to corporate managers and executives. In the days before smart phones and tablets, I carried around the full sized 8 1/2” x 11” life planner briefcase as if it were my life source and I didn’t do anything that wasn’t written inContinue reading “The Shape of our Day”

What’s for Supper?

One of my family’s honored recipes is my grandmother’s meatloaf (and for all you anti-meatloafers out there, let me tell you this recipe would turn your meatloaf deprived world upside down, so please keep you negative meatloaf comments to yourself and focus on the point of this post which won’t be meatloaf). Several years ago,Continue reading “What’s for Supper?”