Once Again

Thoughts & Prayers and Action & Change are not opposites sides of an issue. For Christians, they must be used together. We thoughtfully consider the value of all human life and pray for God’s power and strength to reveal to us where we need to change so that everything we think, say, and do reflects God’s love for all people and a hurting world.


In last week’s post, I spoke of remembering the beginnings of this blog because of where I was. This week I’m remembering because of another succession of violence. Not shootings or actual physical violence but verbal violence and the threat of physical violence. In a news broadcast late last week, there were two stories: oneContinue reading “Words”

Comfort, Joy, Peace

One of the (if not THE) most practical courses I had to take in seminary was one titled “Evangelism”. Of course, my evangelical-church-influenced childhood caused me to enter the class on the first day with arms folded and mind closed because the only idea of evangelizing I knew was to convince people, whether or notContinue reading “Comfort, Joy, Peace”


We need some cupcakes with our coffee this morning, Y’all! Exactly one year ago today, I posted the first articles on this blog! Now, granted, I’d been writing them for a year prior to that but today marks the anniversary of when this website, by God’s grace and my keyboarding skills, officially opened. I writeContinue reading “Enough”

You Keep Using that Word

You might want to get an extra large coffee this morning because I’m going to step into something controversial, y’all. I want to talk about our (ab)use of the term ‘pro-life’ because I’m not seeing much evidence that many folks who use the term pro-life to describe their political or even religious stance actually are.Continue reading “You Keep Using that Word”


Good morning, Y’all. I don’t know about you but I’m really struggling with maintaining my focus on God’s peace these days: feeling it, offering it, abiding in it. There just seems to be a pervading atmosphere of agitation and aggression. Are you feeling it, too? Our world is saturated with ‘fight’ talk. When we doContinue reading “Armor”