In last week’s post, I spoke of remembering the beginnings of this blog because of where I was. This week I’m remembering because of another succession of violence. Not shootings or actual physical violence but verbal violence and the threat of physical violence. In a news broadcast late last week, there were two stories: oneContinue reading “Words”

Comfort, Joy, Peace

One of the (if not THE) most practical courses I had to take in seminary was one titled “Evangelism”. Of course, my evangelical-church-influenced childhood caused me to enter the class on the first day with arms folded and mind closed because the only idea of evangelizing I knew was to convince people, whether or notContinue reading “Comfort, Joy, Peace”


We need some cupcakes with our coffee this morning, Y’all! Exactly one year ago today, I posted the first articles on this blog! Now, granted, I’d been writing them for a year prior to that but today marks the anniversary of when this website, by God’s grace and my keyboarding skills, officially opened. I writeContinue reading “Enough”

You Keep Using that Word

You might want to get an extra large coffee this morning because I’m going to step into something controversial, y’all. I want to talk about our (ab)use of the term ‘pro-life’ because I’m not seeing much evidence that many folks who use the term pro-life to describe their political or even religious stance actually are.Continue reading “You Keep Using that Word”


Good morning, Y’all. I don’t know about you but I’m really struggling with maintaining my focus on God’s peace these days: feeling it, offering it, abiding in it. There just seems to be a pervading atmosphere of agitation and aggression. Are you feeling it, too? Our world is saturated with ‘fight’ talk. When we doContinue reading “Armor”

A Trendy Revolution

Hey, Y’all. How’s your coffee on this fine Tuesday? More importantly, how are you?Can I share with you that I am just completely perplexed at the world right now? Not so much over what is happening – the pandemic, the huge influx of migrants at the southern US border, the collapse of Afghanistan, not toContinue reading “A Trendy Revolution”