Measuring Success

A sermon preached at St. Francis by the Lake Episcopal Church, Canyon Lake, Texas. The lectionary readings for the twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost are here. I’m going to start us off today with two questions:1. Do you know what the definition of insanity is? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.(AndContinue reading “Measuring Success”

Seeds of all Kinds

As we’ve journeyed through this Eastertide together, we’ve focused on what it is to BE resurrection people, not just recognizing that Jesus rose from the dead as a moment in time but celebrating and living in this new and glorious life we have because of Jesus. Jesus did what he did – feeding and healingContinue reading “Seeds of all Kinds”

Being and Doing

As we slowly transition out of the many life-preserving safety protocols necessary in a world-wide pandemic, I’m seeing a lot of self-help, check-list styled techniques to assist our transition. And I’m not even talking about non-church sources but among publications intended for clergy and church leadership. “7 ‘must haves’ before you reopen church”. “5 necessaryContinue reading “Being and Doing”

Being Human and Human Being

The journey, life following Jesus in the light of God’s love and shining the light of God’s love is our purpose. In fulfilling this purpose we also manage to feed some hungry folks physically and spiritually, heal some wounded souls with kindness, welcome the marginalized and strangers in love. These actions are the fruit of our purpose of being humans who follow Jesus.