Inauguration Day

It’s gonna be a day, y’all. A day of meaningful and extraordinary events to be sure, but still a single day. Our future, whatever it may hold, isn’t contained in today. Now, don’t go fussing at me and saying I’m downplaying the importance of today. I’m just trying to calibrate our perspective.

With the same earnestness we are seeking God’s presence in the events of today, we should cultivate our awareness of God every day: the God who loves, who brings peace, who sees us with compassion, the God who is the antidote for anger and hate.

Together let’s offer each other the compassion necessary (yep, even that person) to heal the hurt and division in this country. Let’s participate with God in building each other up and offering each other the hope that comes with living on earth as it is in heaven. Today and every day.

God’s peace,
Mtr. Nancy+

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