What did he say?

A sermon preached at St. Francis by the Lake, Canyon Lake, TX. The lectionary readings for the thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost are here. Two weeks ago we talked about the meaning of Sabbath and what it is to cease our work, our way, and intentionally focus on God’s presence as we rest in the truthContinue reading “What did he say?”

To Whom We Belong

I am regularly astonished by the thought of God knowing me, knowing my name, knowing the hairs on my head (even and perhaps especially the grey ones), wanting only the best for me. I’m also regularly amazed that God is willing to use my simple human efforts to bring about The Kingdom on earth asContinue reading “To Whom We Belong”

Belonging from Within

When we discover our sense of belonging from the image of God within us, our whole identity isn’t shattered when we let go of our connection (either willingly or forced) to a particular group because we have set our vision on godly things instead of human things. We are God’s beloved children, God’s people, and that can never be destroyed. We have been given the everlasting gift of belonging through Jesus.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas …

Happy twelfth day of Christmas, Y’all! On the twelfth day of Christmas, Yahweh gives to us: Belonging. Belonging, Community, Tribe, My People, Quaranteam. We use a lot of different words to describe that experience of being with others who authentically accept us and truly want the best for us and for us to be ourContinue reading “On the Twelfth Day of Christmas …”