Water & Wine

A Reflection for the second Sunday after the Epiphany.The lectionary readings for today are here. Throughout John’s telling of the good news of God, he uses the word ‘signs’ to label the miraculous things Jesus does. A sign is not the thing itself but points us to what we are looking for. Think of roadContinue reading “Water & Wine”


A Reflection for the Second Sunday in Advent*.The RCL readings are here. Today is the second Sunday in Advent (it isn’t Christmas yet, y’all). And although this Season is about anticipating the coming of Jesus we spend today (and next Sunday) reading about the story of Jesus’ cousin, John. John is considered the last ofContinue reading “Returning”

Thank You

This year, I put off buying Halloween candy until the day before Halloween and when I went into the grocery store, there was not a single piece of Halloween themed candy to be found. The workers were putting christmas* candy and items on the shelves that just the day before had held Halloween paraphernalia. IContinue reading “Thank You”

What do you want me to do?

A Sunday reflection*.The readings for the twenty second Sunday after Pentecost are here. I’d like to start off this reflection with a short explanation: I know that not everyone who may be reading this is part of a congregation that uses the Revised Common Lectionary and there are some who do but don’t know thatContinue reading “What do you want me to do?”