Thank You

This year, I put off buying Halloween candy until the day before Halloween and when I went into the grocery store, there was not a single piece of Halloween themed candy to be found. The workers were putting christmas* candy and items on the shelves that just the day before had held Halloween paraphernalia. IContinue reading “Thank You”

What do you want me to do?

A Sunday reflection*.The readings for the twenty second Sunday after Pentecost are here. I’d like to start off this reflection with a short explanation: I know that not everyone who may be reading this is part of a congregation that uses the Revised Common Lectionary and there are some who do but don’t know thatContinue reading “What do you want me to do?”

The Journey on Which I Find Myself

Have you ever gone on a walk, just to walk, to wander, what my granddaddy would have called ‘meandering’? When you set out, you don’t have a destination in mind but while you are walking and paying close attention to all that is around you, you realize you’ve been paying extra attention to the textureContinue reading “The Journey on Which I Find Myself”

Seeking AND Finding

I like to ask questions, especially “why” questions. I don’t recall my family ever saying that I was one of those kids who drove everyone crazy with questions, but I do know that the older I get, the more curious I am becoming. What I’ve come to realize is that life is about the discoveryContinue reading “Seeking AND Finding”

Knowing Firsthand

Good morning, Y’all! As we continue our conversation about Jesus’ sermon as given to us in chapters 5-7 of Matthew’s telling of the good news story, Jesus has framed the purpose of God’s law as a means of compassionate and loving relationships for the greater good of everyone and now he offers some specific examplesContinue reading “Knowing Firsthand”