Knowing Firsthand

Good morning, Y’all! As we continue our conversation about Jesus’ sermon as given to us in chapters 5-7 of Matthew’s telling of the good news story, Jesus has framed the purpose of God’s law as a means of compassionate and loving relationships for the greater good of everyone and now he offers some specific examplesContinue reading “Knowing Firsthand”


Good Tuesday, Y’all! How is your coffee this morning? I keep having to remind myself that it’s summertime and for many, even post-COVID isolating, this means our daily routines change. We don’t have to get the kids ready for school; we are planning vacations; spending the long evenings outside. And perhaps, because of our transitioningContinue reading “God-Seasoned”


What do you hunger for? What is the one thing/idea/place/person that you just know will satisfy all your desires? Or do you think that complete satisfaction is an impossible goal or ideal? Jesus’ sermon about life in God’s Kingdom here and now tells us that complete satisfaction comes when we hunger and thirst for righteousnessContinue reading “Satisfied”