Fire is Kindled

For me, the most significant sentence in the Book of Common Prayer is the rubric at the beginning of the Great Easter Vigil: In the darkness, fire is kindled. The Vigil is observed sometime between sundown on Holy Saturday and sunrise on Easter Sunday. Before the procession begins, the clergy make a small fire fromContinue reading “Fire is Kindled”

The Goodness of Friday

In five short days, the celebratory cheers and impromptu parade of Palm Sunday have morphed to angry crowds demanding a drama of vengeance directed by fear and produced by hate. The people who had shouted Hosanna now stand with the leaders from whom they had wanted to be rescued. They had asked for freedom butContinue reading “The Goodness of Friday”

The Footwashing Way

The Thursday before Easter is called Maundy Thursday. The word Maundy comes from the Latin mandatum and refers to the mandate, the new commandment Jesus gives to love one another as he loves us. On this day we commemorate the final meal that Jesus had with his disciples before his arrest. Many congregations also offerContinue reading “The Footwashing Way”

The Way of Life and Peace

Jesus knows this isn’t the climax of the story, that his entry and the days to come will be considered an utter failure by the world’s standards. Seen from a Kingdom view, however, it is triumphant because it upends every single world standard they knew then and that we know now … because that’s the whole point!