Filled with the Spirit

A Sunday reflection for the third Sunday after the Epiphany.The Lectionary readings for today are here. In his telling of the good news story, Luke tells us that after Jesus’ baptism he is ‘full of the Holy Spirit’ and that being led by the Spirit, Jesus goes into the wilderness to face the temptation ofContinue reading “Filled with the Spirit”

Comfort, Joy, Peace

One of the (if not THE) most practical courses I had to take in seminary was one titled “Evangelism”. Of course, my evangelical-church-influenced childhood caused me to enter the class on the first day with arms folded and mind closed because the only idea of evangelizing I knew was to convince people, whether or notContinue reading “Comfort, Joy, Peace”

Always Learning

I fret sometimes after one of my posts goes live about saying the wrong thing or if some might consider my words to be controversial or offensive. And then I am reminded by God’s gentle voice of the reason for this desire, the need, to share words with others. What started as a way toContinue reading “Always Learning”

How Would Jesus Love?

In the light of the extraordinary picture of God’s Kingdom that we’ve been exploring through Matthew’s telling of the Good News Story of Jesus (See Matthew 5-7), can we take a moment to talk COVID19, vaccines, and masks? I know we are all so weary of this conversation but it is the reality in whichContinue reading “How Would Jesus Love?”

Just as He Is

A sermon preached at St. Francis by the Lake, Canyon Lake, Texas the Lectionary readings for the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost. A few years ago, in the good old days when meeting up with a big group of friends for coffee was a typical activity, I was sitting with some good folks conversing about nothingContinue reading “Just as He Is”

When Small is Big

The Lectionary Readings for the Second Sunday after Pentecost are found here. It is a small world. When my son was born while I was living in Anchorage, Alaska, a neighbor we had not met yet saw the “welcome baby” lawn sign our friends had put in our yard (on top of the 8 feetContinue reading “When Small is Big”