Receiving Christmas

A sermon preached the first Sunday of Christmas at St. Francis by the Lake, Canyon Lake, TX.The lectionary readings are here. Soooooo, if you were here yesterday, you may be wondering if:A) That in all of the pre-Christmas commotion, did we forget to update the gospel lesson in the bulletin, ORB) That you are soContinue reading “Receiving Christmas”

Joy Complete

Readings for the Sixth Sunday of Easter: Jesus’ words for us today are a continuation of what we began last week (and pair well with Tuesday’s and Thursday’s posts). Jesus is in Jerusalem with his closest disciples. He’s washed their feet and had what would be their last meal together before his arrest. AndContinue reading “Joy Complete”

Unopened Gifts

Years ago when I had to be in the hospital for several days, a friend gave me holding cross. It came in this lovely gift box with a poem that I have long since lost. But the cross is well worn. I still hold it often in prayer. I may not be able to find where I put that all important reminder note but I can always find my holding cross by my comfy chair or on my desk.

What’s Love got to do with it?

Y’all can all thank me later for that ear worm. I was having a conversation with my sister the other evening and she asked if I’d read “that book about love wins”. I immediately started throwing titles and authors at her and she stopped and asked, “just how many books with love in the titleContinue reading “What’s Love got to do with it?”