Friday Feature #3 (on a Tuesday)

Shucks, Y’all! With all that I had going on, I completely forgot to post December’s Friday Feature. I briefly considered just skipping it and waiting to post this one the last Friday of January but this particular podcast has helped me examine and articulate my own personal experiences as a teen and young adult inContinue reading “Friday Feature #3 (on a Tuesday)”

Growing in Wisdom

A sermon preached at St. Francis by the Lake, Canyon Lake, TX.The Lectionary readings for the second Sunday after Christmas are here. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! How are you feeling about the year to come? Excited, anxious, hopeful, fearful, ambiguous? Are you setting expectations or are you just going to roll with itContinue reading “Growing in Wisdom”

Receiving Christmas

A sermon preached the first Sunday of Christmas at St. Francis by the Lake, Canyon Lake, TX.The lectionary readings are here. Soooooo, if you were here yesterday, you may be wondering if:A) That in all of the pre-Christmas commotion, did we forget to update the gospel lesson in the bulletin, ORB) That you are soContinue reading “Receiving Christmas”

A Different View

A sermon preached on Christmas Day at St. Francis by the Lake in Canyon Lake, TX. The lectionary readings are here. As you listened to the gospel reading just now, did you find it odd that it wasn’t about the manger scenes we typically associate with Christmas Day? Where are Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, andContinue reading “A Different View”

Who Warned You?

A sermon preached at St. Francis by the Lake, Canyon Lake, Texas. The RCL readings for the Third Sunday in Advent are here. I missed y’all last week. I hear that father David really got your attention for the the first bit of John’s message last week, using the traditional way of asking us toContinue reading “Who Warned You?”