A Trendy Revolution

Hey, Y’all. How’s your coffee on this fine Tuesday? More importantly, how are you?
Can I share with you that I am just completely perplexed at the world right now? Not so much over what is happening – the pandemic, the huge influx of migrants at the southern US border, the collapse of Afghanistan, not to mention the natural disasters that seem to be coming at us daily – but our collective response to human tragedy. I am perplexed that we don’t seem to want to see these situations as human tragedies but as someone else’s agenda that we must fight against for no other reason than to defend a political label.

It makes me heart sick when it seems that all we want to do is create a fight about everything: who’s right, who’s wrong, who’s to blame, who’s responsible, who started it…. We spend so much energy deflecting attention away from the truth that there are human beings suffering and it is our responsibility to work together with God to alleviate it to the best of our ability.

Jesus teaches us to see the world through the eyes of compassion, never losing sight of the human beings in front of and all around us.

How would we all be different if instead of a pandemic we saw the faces of millions of human beings sick and suffering and dying?

How would we be different if instead of labeling the migrants coming across the southern US border as ‘illegals’ we saw human beings fleeing a life we know nothing about to try and get even a bit of what we take for granted every day?

How would we be different if instead of pointing the finger of blame we looked at each other and said, “I see you as a beloved child of God” and used our energy and efforts to help rather than blame and complain?

How would we all be different if we took what Jesus teaches seriously and let Love shape our responses to the human tragedies of this world? I know it is very much out of fashion in our twenty first century, individualistic, consumer driven world to claim the responsibility of each other’s wellbeing, but it is the trendiest trend of all time in the economy of God’s Kingdom to bear one another’s burdens. We just have to decide which economy we promote and in which kingdom we claim our primary citizenship.

I am not be able to solve all the world’s problems but I am able with God’s help to respond from a place of compassion to all that I see going on. Together we can make the world a more compassionate place. Together we can be a part of the revolution of the good news of Jesus Christ. I don’t see blaming and complaining making the world a better place, do you? We know that love brings about heaven on earth so let’s use what we know.

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