Who’s Driving?

As we talk about seeing the signs and being the signs of God’s kingdom, we begin to realize that everything about us, our behaviors, words, and habits, all reveal what we really believe. Even the simple, seemingly harmless words we use to describe our response to the events of our life reflect what we really believe deep down.

I have a friend who whenever things get stressful says, “Jesus, take the wheel.” Recently I asked her, “wouldn’t it be better to just let Jesus drive all the time?” Don’t fret, we are still friends. And my question led to an excellent conversation about what it looks like to let Jesus not only drive but actually be the gps which guides us.

When we have to stop and let Jesus ‘take the wheel’ we must admit we weren’t following him to begin with. When we think of Jesus as our ‘co-pilot’ it means we are flying the plane and just hoping Jesus will tag along to be available to get us out of whatever scrapes we get ourselves into.

In the first steps of our journey toward being who God created us to be, we need to follow the signs toward the image of God within us. For many of us, we will find more roadblocks and obstacles on our inner journey that we will ever have walking out into the world to reveal the loving, life-giving God who created us and all things. Most of us find it far more difficult to look at our own faults and foibles than we do pointing them out in others.

Do not be afraid. Courage and comfort come with Jesus meeting us where we are, as we are, with the continuous invitation to “follow me”. As we discover these roadblocks we’ve put between the person we think we need to be and the person God created as an integral part of God’s kingdom-on-earth plan, we will find the freedom and abundance of life we are seeking1.

This work to keep the path of reflecting God’s image in us clear from clutter is part of our daily walk as we follow Jesus. And for me, the song at the top of my playlist is “You make Beautiful Things.” What’s yours?

1If you missed this Living Sunday School post, I encourage you to check it out.

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