Being Signs

Yesterday we talked about how the signs of God’s love and God’s kingdom on earth are all around us even if we choose not to see them. Have you ever thought about how we, the beloved children of God, are also signs of God’s love?

We are God’s image bearers, God’s beloved children. It is through us that God chooses to reveal God’s divine self so that those who haven’t yet discovered they are image bearers and beloved children can know that they are.

Every single human being that ever was or is or will be are all created in God’s image and Jesus calls us to be godly people, to live into that divine image. Jesus is our human example of godly behavior, what we strive for as we follow him.

Being godly doesn’t mean we are “in charge” or better than others. We can’t let our egos get away with such thoughts. We’ll never be God. We’ll never be divine. But we do have the God-given ability to reflect God to others, to let others see the God-image in us, not for our own glory but for the benefit of God’s entire kingdom.

Through us – our words and behaviors and habits – God gives signs of the now-and-not-yet-Kingdom-on-earth-as-it-is-in-heaven to the world. In the tenth chapter of Matthew’s telling of the good news story Jesus tells those who follow him to proclaim the good news: that the kingdom of heaven is here and that we are the very instruments by which this kingdom is to be on earth as in heaven.

In what way can you be a sign of God’s love in this world today?

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