Gratitude and Community

It’s been a difficult week for words. I want nothing more than to speak peace and comfort into the anxiety and pain so many of us are collectively experiencing but I’m not sure I have the right words. I do know that regardless if the results of this election week are what you want them to be or not that God is with us and loves us.

I also know that regardless of the outcome of this week, Jesus tells us to love each other. As I sit here pondering all the possibilities (positive/negative) the one certainly I have is God’s promise to reconcile ALL things, to bring goodness into and from all situations. We learn to find good by looking for all that we have to be grateful for. From a place of gratitude we can find peace and joy and generosity of spirit.

A year ago, I posted the following on Facebook and although I can’t remember what prompted these words and photo, I can still make the choice to assume the posture of gratitude and community that these words convey.

Half full or half empty. Does it really matter? I am just grateful to have coffee. I give thanks to God who created the coffee plant and the goats who first ate the beans and the people who watched them dance and said, “let’s try that!” I am thankful for the people who tended, harvested, and processed the beans from which I brewed this cup and for the people who work in the factory that made the cup. I’m grateful to be able to enjoy this cup in my favorite chair in our home and for everyone who walks this amazing journey of following Jesus with me. Instead of standing on opposites sides of the table debating half-full or half-empty, let’s sit at the table together and share what we are each grateful for. I have plenty of cups for everyone. I’ll start another pot. Could you pick up some snacks?

Gratitude and community – let’s focus on creating an atmosphere steeped in this way of thinking. Regardless of what you consider is going wrong or right with this world, gratitude and community will always bring us comfort. We are all God’s beloved children. And with that as our foundation, we can not only navigate our differences but be grateful for them because it is through our differences that grow and flourish.

God’s peace, my friends,
Mtr. Nancy+

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