A Do-Over

A Sunday reflection for the fourth Sunday after the Epiphany.The Lectionary readings are here. We begin this week where we left off last week: with Jesus, having just read from the prophet Isaiah, boldly proclaiming that the prophet’s words have been fulfilled. He is claiming that he’s the one whom God has sent to “preachContinue reading “A Do-Over”

Seeking AND Finding

I like to ask questions, especially “why” questions. I don’t recall my family ever saying that I was one of those kids who drove everyone crazy with questions, but I do know that the older I get, the more curious I am becoming. What I’ve come to realize is that life is about the discoveryContinue reading “Seeking AND Finding”

Accepting The Mystery: A Sermon for Trinity Sunday

The Lectionary Readings for Trinity Sunday 2021 are found here. One of the things I most enjoy about doing supply is that I get to worship and connect with lots of parishes as a beautiful reminder that we are all a part of something so much bigger than ourselves. And I really like getting toContinue reading “Accepting The Mystery: A Sermon for Trinity Sunday”

Witnesses to God’s Presence

Earlier this week I had a wonderful conversation with a friend about how we as clergy folks can help others learn to articulate their experiences with God. Our conversation focused on the expression of who we are as God’s beloved children rather than specific activities such as helping those in need (I use this phraseContinue reading “Witnesses to God’s Presence”

Fire is Kindled

For me, the most significant sentence in the Book of Common Prayer is the rubric at the beginning of the Great Easter Vigil: In the darkness, fire is kindled. The Vigil is observed sometime between sundown on Holy Saturday and sunrise on Easter Sunday. Before the procession begins, the clergy make a small fire fromContinue reading “Fire is Kindled”

Set us Free

For the Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany:http://lectionarypage.net/YearB_RCL/Epiphany/BEpi5_RCL.html So, here we find ourselves in midwinter and the crazy Texas weather has us turning on the AC one minute and the heater the next. We have to look at the daily forecast before getting dressed so we know if we need shorts and flip flops or bigContinue reading “Set us Free”