Remembering & Reflecting

A Sunday Reflection for the Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany.The Lectionary readings are here. The Gospel reading for today is the writer of Luke’s telling of what is more commonly known by the label we give to the writer of Matthew’s version: the Beatitudes. Luke’s version is shorter, a series of Blessings and Woes aContinue reading “Remembering & Reflecting”

Comfort, Joy, Peace

One of the (if not THE) most practical courses I had to take in seminary was one titled “Evangelism”. Of course, my evangelical-church-influenced childhood caused me to enter the class on the first day with arms folded and mind closed because the only idea of evangelizing I knew was to convince people, whether or notContinue reading “Comfort, Joy, Peace”

To Whom We Belong

I am regularly astonished by the thought of God knowing me, knowing my name, knowing the hairs on my head (even and perhaps especially the grey ones), wanting only the best for me. I’m also regularly amazed that God is willing to use my simple human efforts to bring about The Kingdom on earth asContinue reading “To Whom We Belong”

Joy Complete

Readings for the Sixth Sunday of Easter: Jesus’ words for us today are a continuation of what we began last week (and pair well with Tuesday’s and Thursday’s posts). Jesus is in Jerusalem with his closest disciples. He’s washed their feet and had what would be their last meal together before his arrest. AndContinue reading “Joy Complete”

Fire is Kindled

For me, the most significant sentence in the Book of Common Prayer is the rubric at the beginning of the Great Easter Vigil: In the darkness, fire is kindled. The Vigil is observed sometime between sundown on Holy Saturday and sunrise on Easter Sunday. Before the procession begins, the clergy make a small fire fromContinue reading “Fire is Kindled”

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas …

Happy eleventh day of Christmas, Y’all? Are your decorations still up? I have to admit that I took mine down this weekend, except for the nativity scene I keep out all year round. If you haven’t put it all away yet, pick a special piece and leave it out all year as a reminder toContinue reading “On the Eleventh Day of Christmas …”