Taste the Goodness

My heart is heavy with the weight of the hate and darkness that plays out in this world. The shootings in Atlanta and in Boulder bring me back to the reason I started writing publicly about compassion. In the sadness and anger and frustration it is easy to throw up our hands and scream “notContinue reading “Taste the Goodness”

A Prayer for Today

For the Third Sunday in Lent. http://lectionarypage.net/YearB_RCL/Lent/BLent3_RCL.html For those who may not know, the prayer that I post every week comes from the Book of Common Prayer and there is a specific prayer for each Sunday of the year (and other special days). I started posting the Sunday prayers on Facebook years ago for theContinue reading “A Prayer for Today”

Come and See

Sunday, January 17, 2021The Second Sunday after the Epiphanyhttp://lectionarypage.net/YearB_RCL/Epiphany/BEpi2_RCL.html We are halfway through the first month of the new calendar year and things were supposed to be different, better even. But the days of 2021 aren’t looking any different to the days of 2020. The pandemic is still very, very real with a new variantContinue reading “Come and See”

A New Day

I’m still a bit numb from yesterday, how about you? What began as a day in which I was focusing on the Feast of the Epiphany and working on some spiritual formation curriculum became a time of staring, dumbfounded at the news reports of our capitol building being besieged. At one point my husband said,Continue reading “A New Day”

On the Seventh Day of Christmas …

Happy seventh day of Christmas, Y’all! And Happy New Year’s Eve. On the seventh day of Christmas, Yahweh gives to us: Compassion. I wrote a lot about compassion in the fall and winter of 2019 (you can check those out here). I felt compelled to offer up a different voice amidst the yelling and fistContinue reading “On the Seventh Day of Christmas …”