A Friday Feature #2

Can you believe it’s the last Friday of November already? As much as I am intentional with ordering my time so that I’m not hurrying through anything, it did take me a bit by surprise this week that November is coming to an end. And for those of us who participate in liturgical churches, the Church Year is coming to an end and the new one is upon us. This coming Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent, the time of expectant waiting for the annual celebration of the birth of Jesus, God with us, Emmanuel. We walk with God’s people through the ancient stories that point to the arrival of God as one of us, born of Mary, protected and cared for by Joseph, adored by the angels and shepherds, and sought out by the learned men of the world.

Through this season, we walk in the story that tells us why these people and events matter, not just thousands of years ago, but also today, in our lives. We walk with God, following Jesus as we continue living God’s Story on earth as it is in heaven until that day when God ushers in the New Heaven and New Earth. This is part of our Advent, our anticipation of what is to come as we love and learn in the here and now.

The mission statement of one of my favorite podcasts (it’s so much more than a podcast and we’ll get to that in a bit) is “to help people experience the Bible as a unified story that points to Jesus.” The BibleProject is a website, blog, podcast, and amazing learning center. They recently did an excellent podcast series titled “Paradigm” in which they discuss how to approach scripture. It’s a great place to start!

I highly encourage you to check it out and explore all that BibleProject has to offer. Gather some friends and do one of their Bible studies. Watch their videos. Subscribe to their podcast and their blog. The BibleProject is an excellent way to learn more deeply who and Whose we are as God’s beloved children.

May your day be filled with the awareness of God’s presence, my friends. See you Sunday.

Mtr. Nancy+

P.S. If you missed the first Friday Feature and the explanation of this new thing, check out last month’s FF post here.

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