God will Catch Us

Since you are God’s Son, jump. This is the second of the three tests with which Satan attempts to get Jesus to be who he’s not, to accept less than what God gives us. From the highest point, from the top of the temple, Satan says, “Jump and God will catch you.”

There’s a big difference between jumping and falling. Yes, God promises us that when we fall, when we are in pain and suffering God is with us to bring us peace and comfort. But when we choose to jump and expect no consequences, we are not asking God to keep promises, but to do things our way.

From the highest point, we often get a false sense of security. At the top, we feel successful and that we have arrived at the place where the world says ‘well done’. And this is the very structure and vision of success Jesus comes to undo. The life Jesus calls us to live with the invitation ‘follow me’ isn’t about putting ourselves above anyone else. It isn’t about competing for a limited supply of resources.

The life Jesus calls us to isn’t about keeping God in our emergency kit to take out when we are in the worst of troubles. The life Jesus calls us to is so much more than that. It is life in relationship with God who is always faithful and loves us. We don’t have to test God’s love for us. We just need to accept the gift that is already ours. And when our identity is grounded in the God of love who created us in the divine image, we don’t need to climb to the top. We don’t need to jump to test God’s love for us because we know that God is with us always, even when we fall.

God’s love isn’t earned or proven, it IS. We are, each and every one of us, God’s beloved children and there is nothing good enough or bad enough any of us can do to cause God to love us more or less.

So often, the world around us tries to convince us to settle for less than God’s love. Fall into God’s love and know the security of who you are created to be.

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