Kingdom Crazy

So I know a few of you think that after yesterday’s post that I’ve lost my marbles. How can any sane person equate chores and spirituality? And what does washing dishes or doing laundry have to do with our Lenten Journey?

In one of my pre-Lent posts, I asked us to consider Jesus’ question, “do you want to be well?” and throughout our journey together, we’ve pondered questions and ideas all intended to retrain our eyes and ears – and hearts and souls – to experience our lives from a Kingdom view. We’ve worked at pealing back the layers to remember our created purpose, to (re)connect to the image of God in each of us, and (re)discover that we are the way God has chosen to reveal Kingdom Love and Kingdom Light on earth as it is in heaven.

Every aspect of our lives is an inseparable combination of physical and spiritual. As much as we like to think we can segment ourselves into family/work/play/other, we can’t. Everything influences and affects everything else. The way we view and the attitude with which we approach even the simplest and most common of tasks like sweeping the floor both affects and is shaped by our most complex relationships and vice versa.

For example, if I see cleaning as a mundane task beneath my abilities or intellect and I hire someone to clean for me, do I view that person as a human being or as a tool to use as I need? Do I even stop to consider this person as I go through the routines of my day leaving a trail to be cleaned up behind me? But, if I see cleaning as a valuable task reflecting the holiness of God’s Kingdom and I hire someone to clean for me, I see this person very differently. I am more aware of the work they do for me and more than likely I’ll not leave as big a mess.

As we step into the last week of our Lenten journey together, how are you seeing and hearing differently? Are you more aware of the signs of God’s Kingdom all around you? Are you more aware that you are a signpost of the Kingdom?

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, the day we celebrate Jesus’ final entry into Jerusalem before his arrest and crucifixion. We will sing praises to God and joyfully proclaim that Jesus is Lord. This day of extraordinary events is meant to shape and direct our ordinary as we follow Jesus in God’s Kingdom every day.

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