The Beauty of Ordinary

Good Thursday, Y’all! Can I ask you a question? Yes, I realize I just did ask a question but I have a deeper query for you: in the course of our Lenten journey, in what ways have you been particularly aware of God with you?

For most of us who regularly exercise our spirituality in prayer, scripture, study, and worship, we know there are moments when our awareness of God’s presence with us is so very palpable. We can feel, touch, taste, and hear God’s goodness.

And, I would venture to state that most of us have experienced the reality of God when in the scary and dark moments, as hate and violence seem to be the prevailing force, we are strengthened in the hope of the promise of redemption and can hear God say, “do not be afraid.”

What about when you are washing dishes or doing laundry or vacuuming the floor? What about when you are preparing a meal or standing at the counter with a quick breakfast? Or driving to the office, or logging into your computer to work remotely, or dropping the kids off at school, or grocery shopping, or any of the ordinary daily tasks of your day and week?

Do you ever consider these to be spiritual practices? Have you ever had the awareness of God in the midst of some ordinary task take you by surprise?

The good life God has created us for is to live in the awareness of God, not just in the extraordinary moments but in the ordinary moments of every day. Our daily tasks and routines are just as sacred and holy as what we do in worship and prayer. Indeed, our time in worship and prayer and study is preparatory time for the ordinary where we live into our purpose of bringing out the God-flavors and God-colors in the world.

Exercise your awareness of God in washing the dishes. Let God’s presence illuminate the beauty of your ordinary.

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