Bigger than Ourselves

Yesterday we talked about the purpose of our faith practices is to enable us to remember, to be reminded of who God is and who we are as God’s beloved children. To remember is to be re-membered, re-connected with who and what has come before us so that we never forget that we are a part of something so much bigger than ourselves.

In the faith tradition I journey in, we talk about scripture, tradition, and reason as the tools necessary for us to both remember and discover in our ongoing journey of following Jesus in God’s kingdom.

The Holy Scriptures are the writings that have been handed down to us in the form that we refer to as the Bible, inspired by God and penned and compiled by godly people to instruct and inform others in their relationship with God as they’ve directly witnessed God’s revelation on earth.

By Tradition we mean the history of God’s beloved children as each generation through time (including our own) has sought to love God, their neighbors, and themselves in the circumstances in which they found themselves and have recorded their experiences and wisdom for our edification.

Reason is our God-given ability to work out, in conjunction with our Holy Scriptures and the Traditions of our faith, what it is to follow Jesus, loving God and our neighbor in our day and time.

The stories of our faith ancestors aren’t intended to confine us or restrict us to “the way we’ve always done it” but are gifts we use to expand our thinking and our vision as we grow into who God created us to be. When we settle into the idea that we’ve got things all figured out, we’ve lost our way.

As we continue our Lenten journey toward Holy Week, let’s talk more about how we see the world around us as we seek to love God, our neighbors, and ourselves in our time and place.

And, on this lovely Saturday morning, I pray that you are able to witness God’s glory and express your gratefulness in community worship this weekend either in-person if it is safe to do so or through the wonderful technologies that keep us together while we are apart. God’s peace be with you, my friends.

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