Before we get into today’s reflection, let’s just check in for a bit: How are you doing on this Lenten journey? How are these reflections speaking into the circumstances in which you find yourself?

Do you recall this post from last week about the cross displayed in a box? As I continued to ponder why someone would leave a holding cross neatly contained in the original gift box, I was reminded of another containment scene I came across in a church lobby (or narthex or foyer depending on your tradition – you know that space you enter before entering the main worship space where you are greeted and handed a worship bulletin). On the wall, beside the big double doors to the worship space hung a small clear acrylic box containing a heavily tarnished silver plate and chalice. There is no sign or placard or information of any kind to inform what these items are, where they came from, or their significance to explain why they’d been encased and hung up.

I supposed when I saw them that they were the items used in Holy Communion at some point in the history of this particular worship community and I’m sure someone in the community knew the story but I wondered what visitors who didn’t know any history of this place or the Church in general thought when they noticed the display.

In the Post Communion Prayer – what we pray together as a worshiping community after we have all received Communion together – from the Book of Common Prayer, we ask God to send us, nourished with the spiritual food of the sacrament, “into the world in peace, and grant us strength and courage to love and serve you with gladness and singleness of heart.” All that we do in our form of worship is to equip us to be God’s people and reveal God’s love to the world.

In what ways do you experience the benefits of the sacrament in the ordinary moments of your day?

Do you ever find yourself feeling like you left the benefits of the sacrament contained in a box at the church door?

2 thoughts on “Contained

  1. I’m doing just hunky dory. I love your coffee thoughts.  The cross in a box made me go find my rosery and I hold it when reading my bible in a year task.  Also I have decided to give up 40 items this lent that I either no longer use or need. So far I have all 40, may just need to add to that count as I have plenty of time. Blessings, Michele Linn  <        ððð Please ððð. If you forward this, please remove all email addresses before you forward it on.


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