Rest Stops along the Way

Hey, Y’all. Well, we are a quarter of the way through our Lenten Journey (unless of course you are still counting from last year in which case we are on day 372ish but that’s just too depressing for me, even with one more cup of coffee on this chilly Tuesday morning).

Where is your journey taking you? What have you experienced along the way so far? What sign posts have you stopped at to ponder? Is your vision changing? Do you have enough coffee?

Sometimes when we are body/mind/soul tired, all this talk of following and journeying can be too much. There is so much to be done, much to acknowledge and face in ourselves, much love and kindness to be offered to our world as we participate with God in making it on earth as it is in heaven.

And so, today I just want us to remind ourselves that in all that we are called to be and do that taking rest is just as important as all the other “stuff”. Jesus took his disciples away for times of rest. Jesus himself slept in the boat as they crossed the Sea of Galilee. When the prophet Elijah was at the end of his rope, fearing for his very life, God had him eat a snack and take a nap. In our busy-ness it is easy to forget that God made rest a part of the regular rhythm and order of God’s Kingdom on earth.

It’s not just ok to stop along the path and take a breath and rest, it is necessary and required. Our journey of following Jesus to be the Kingdom people God calls us to be is a lifelong journey. We have all the time in the world. Rest isn’t delaying the journey it is part of it.

For the next few posts, let’s pull into a Rest Area (does any other place do highway Rest Areas as well as Texas?) and enjoy the scenery. This inner journeying and honest self-evaluating is challenging work. As we park, I’m so very grateful that Lent is only 40 days1. Are those bluebonnets I see over there?

Where do we need to slow down and hear God say, “I love you” and “well-done good and faithful one”? Into what situations do we need to have Jesus say, “do not be afraid for I am with you”?

1 Please don’t hear me contradict myself regarding the continuous, ongoing, lifelong work of becoming who God calls us to be. Lent is an intentional season so that the other 325 days of the year we can live in the joy of having done the intensive work and the anticipation of knowing we are always being transformed by God’s love.

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