An Invitation

Hey, Y’all. One month into this calendar year, how are you? Really, how are you?

Has the glittery promise of a new year faded into the ordinary routine of your day-to-day?

I don’t mean that to sound negative at all. I like ordinary and routine. It’s where life happens the most. It’s what makes the special days special and the extraordinary events extra-ordinary. And although I’ve come to appreciate much of this new way of things living through a pandemic, I’ll be so grateful when we can confidently say the danger is passed.

And as I sit here this morning looking at my calendar to begin preparing for the coming season of Lent11 my first thought is, “Haven’t we been in Lent for a year now!?!” (I actually asked that out loud to my dogs with much emotion in my voice. They don’t seem the slightest bit concerned. Or else they just can’t hear me over their snoring.)

Last year, (it feels like an evil incantation to even say the numbers, not that I believe in such things …) just as we had begun the season of Lent, our world shut down in an attempt to get COVID19 under control. Many of us have given up so much for the greater good.

And a year later, we are still … hmmm … I really don’t know how to articulate this with the proper decorum my grandmother would expect, but I’ll give it a shot: Many of us are still working hard at avoiding the virus, staying home as much as possible, avoiding crowds, wearing masks, having grown weary of it all, and wishing others would stop being so self-centered, face the reality of the science, and do what has been proven to curb the spread of this dangerous disease so we could finally exit this perpetual time-out!!

Deep breath …

Right, yes, this seemingly eternal season of Lent … How are we possibly able to enter into a NEW season of growth while it seems we are stuck in this one feeling more like we are buried in a pile of manure rather than planted in nurturing soil (too graphic?)?

Here’s the best answer I can give: Together, intentionally, and most importantly, with God. Would you repeat that out loud to me, please? I need to hear it and my dogs have gone back to sleep. Thanks. I especially like the “together” and “with God” parts, how about you?

So, to help us with the “intentionally” part, beginning on February 17 (Ash Wednesday for you liturgically minded folks), I’ll be posting daily reflections through the season of Lent (with a few ‘getting ready’ posts like this one between now and then) that I pray will help us all seek a deeper knowing of God and a better understanding of ourselves as God’s beloved children. I’d be so grateful if you’d to join me.

The easiest way to ensure you don’t miss out on our conversation is to subscribe to this blog so the posts are magically delivered to your email. And when you get these magic emails, click through to the blog and post your thoughts and comments. That’s the ‘together’ part! We can only be wholly (and holy!) ourselves with each other. The posts will also be shared magically on Facebook if the email thing isn’t for you so follow Mother Nancy’s Coffee Thoughts there to see them. And, I really appreciate it if you’d share the posts with your family and friends. There’s room enough for everyone!

Thank you for journeying with me. God is with us as we go!

1Lent is the church season that comprises the 40 days before Easter, not counting Sundays. It echoes the 40 years God’s people wandered in the desert after being rescued from their slavery in Egypt and the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness after his baptism and before beginning his ministry. I’ll post more about the purpose of Lent on Wednesday.

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