Addicted to anger

Originally posted August 27, 2019 I’ve seen several posts and articles recently where preachers are scolding preachers for not yelling and pointing fingers at the atrocities in our culture.  I even saw one that basically said if your preacher isn’t screaming and fist-pounding about what is going on in our world you should find yourselfContinue reading “Addicted to anger”

Empathy in action

Originally posted August 20, 2019 Let’s talk about compassion.  In the gospel stories we are told that when Jesus saw groups of people he was moved with compassion.  Compassion isn’t the same as sympathy, which allows us to put ourselves (consciously or unconsciously) above the person we are considering when we see them as lackingContinue reading “Empathy in action”

Hurting, healing, and loving

Originally posted August 13, 2020 Hurt people hurt people.  Healed people heal people.  I’m not sure where I first came across that saying but I do know it is true.  Think about the last time you were hurt by another person. What did you “do” with your hurt?  Do you react and hurt them backContinue reading “Hurting, healing, and loving”