Let us Begin Together

Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return. What a depressing opening, Mother Nancy! Can’t we be more positive? Didn’t you say Jesus came to show us the abundance of LIFE? Why do you even need to talk about this mortality thing? We could talk for hours about how our culture triesContinue reading “Let us Begin Together”

The Truth for which We are Made

Did you know that the use of the word ‘truth’ has more than doubled in books written in American English in the last 40 years*? Did you know that this kind of thing was even tracked? Do we even know what such a fact can tell us? Do we really care? (And for full discloser:Continue reading “The Truth for which We are Made”

What’s Love got to do with it?

Y’all can all thank me later for that ear worm. I was having a conversation with my sister the other evening and she asked if I’d read “that book about love wins”. I immediately started throwing titles and authors at her and she stopped and asked, “just how many books with love in the titleContinue reading “What’s Love got to do with it?”