Don’t Tell Anyone …

Let’s continue with the eighth chapter of the good news story as Mark tells it to us. There is just so much to unpack in the last sixteen verses of this chapter! We’ve talked about the curious two-part healing of the blind man and part of the conversation Jesus has with his disciples after theContinue reading “Don’t Tell Anyone …”

Finding Good or Finding Bad

Our responses to the events of life come from what we choose to see – our fellow human beings created in God’s image with struggles and joys just as we have or others whom we are in competition with and must defeat in one way or another. If we look for the good – and God – we will find it. If we look for what’s wrong, we will find it.

Being Signs

Being godly doesn’t mean we are “in charge” or better than others. We can’t let our egos get away with such thoughts. We’ll never be God. We’ll never be divine. But we do have the God-given ability to reflect God to others, to let others see the God-image in us, not for our own glory but for the benefit of God’s entire kingdom.