Asking Why

In the stories of our most ancient faith ancestors, God instructs them to conduct festivals and feasts so that they and their children and their children’s children will remember certain things: remember who God is, remember who they are, remember all that God has done for them. When Jesus instructs the disciples during the last meal he eats with them, he says to do what he’s shown them in order to remember.

Life as God gives it

Yesterday we looked at a story told by the good news story writer Luke that begins with the question “what must I do to gain eternal life”, and provides us with the proper perspective on being a good neighbor and living eternal life here and now grounded in Love. Today, let’s look at a similarContinue reading “Life as God gives it”

Keep us in Eternal Life

The phrase “keep us in Eternal Life” is used at various times in the prayers books of the Anglican Communion. In the Episcopal Church, we use it as part of the absolution of sins and in the Church of England it is one of the phrases spoken while giving the bread and wine of HolyContinue reading “Keep us in Eternal Life”

Unopened Gifts

Years ago when I had to be in the hospital for several days, a friend gave me holding cross. It came in this lovely gift box with a poem that I have long since lost. But the cross is well worn. I still hold it often in prayer. I may not be able to find where I put that all important reminder note but I can always find my holding cross by my comfy chair or on my desk.