A Kingdom View

My original posts planned for this week were to continue with the idea of purpose as we talk about the spirituality of ordinary tasks and we’ll do that but I’m going to adjust our focus a bit because the horrific extraordinary events of this past week (and so many other violent events this past year)Continue reading “A Kingdom View”

Taste the Goodness

My heart is heavy with the weight of the hate and darkness that plays out in this world. The shootings in Atlanta and in Boulder bring me back to the reason I started writing publicly about compassion. In the sadness and anger and frustration it is easy to throw up our hands and scream “notContinue reading “Taste the Goodness”

Being Human and Human Being

The journey, life following Jesus in the light of God’s love and shining the light of God’s love is our purpose. In fulfilling this purpose we also manage to feed some hungry folks physically and spiritually, heal some wounded souls with kindness, welcome the marginalized and strangers in love. These actions are the fruit of our purpose of being humans who follow Jesus.

Belonging from Within

When we discover our sense of belonging from the image of God within us, our whole identity isn’t shattered when we let go of our connection (either willingly or forced) to a particular group because we have set our vision on godly things instead of human things. We are God’s beloved children, God’s people, and that can never be destroyed. We have been given the everlasting gift of belonging through Jesus.