Friday Feature #3 (on a Tuesday)

Shucks, Y’all! With all that I had going on, I completely forgot to post December’s Friday Feature. I briefly considered just skipping it and waiting to post this one the last Friday of January but this particular podcast has helped me examine and articulate my own personal experiences as a teen and young adult inContinue reading “Friday Feature #3 (on a Tuesday)”

A Friday Feature #2

Can you believe it’s the last Friday of November already? As much as I am intentional with ordering my time so that I’m not hurrying through anything, it did take me a bit by surprise this week that November is coming to an end. And for those of us who participate in liturgical churches, theContinue reading “A Friday Feature #2”

A New Thing: A Friday Feature

Let’s start something new, shall we? Along with the regular Tuesday and Sunday posts, on the last Friday of each month I’d like to start sharing with you a podcast or book or blog that has become one of the learning tools along my journey. My hope is that you will make the time toContinue reading “A New Thing: A Friday Feature”